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How to Stay Safe While Shopping at the Mall

In a crowded shopping mall, an easy target for a criminal is a distracted buyer. When a shopper is struggling to carry many shopping bags on their own, a criminal is likely to get an urge of following the shopper in order to steal from them. It is possible to avoid some places where a criminal can attack you easily. In this website, some tips for staying safe are discussed.

The position you choose to park at the parking lot should be well-lit. It is better when the area has security guards on duty. Going for a point that is far away from the entrance or exit will mean difficulty when you want to leave if other shoppers have their cars along the exit. Idling and spending more time in the parking lot makes criminals target you.

In case you have to shop till dark, you can ask the guards on duty to help you carry other bags to the car. Before the guard goes back to their job, look around your car if a criminal could have hidden when you were in the mall.

Try to cover them any valuable items that you leave in the car or keep them in the trunk. The sight of items like electronic devices, and purses can attract criminals, and your is likely to be broken into.

Beware of the people surrounding you as you shop. Be careful not to give your whole attention to purchases at the expense of being robbed. It is possible for your pockets to be picked when your attention is grasped by items on the shelf in the mall. In case you notice anything suspicious, trust your instincts and ask for help when needed.

Do not use routes that are isolated. If you have to use a bathroom, look for one that is located in more trafficked area.

Do not leave phones and wallets on the shopping trolley.

When you take children to shop with you in the mall, watch them all the time. There are child-traffickers who could steal the children when left unattended. Avoid using babysitters as you shop.

Take time to know the mall you are visiting. Get to know of any police stations in the area in case you will need to report an incident in the future.

Leave any unnecessary bank cards and money at home. If you are robbed, you will lose only the amount you were to use for shopping, but what you left at home is safe. The points outlined above can help a shopper keep safe from attacks in malls.